Stem Cells from Adipose Tissue

Mesencell Biotech GmbH headquarter are based in Switzerland with research and production laboratories in several countries around the world.

Mesencell Biotech activities include:

Installation of biotech laboratories

1. Installation of biotech laboratories

► ¨Evaluation of URS (user requirement specification), infrastructure and location

► Purveyance of equipment, media and consumables

► IQ/OQ/PQ: installation / operational and performance qualification

► Creation of GLP and GMP (good laboratory practice, good manufacturing practice) documentation

► Education and continuing education of personnel

► Hands-on help with manufacturing in the first weeks

Production within biotech laboratories

2. Production within biotech laboratories

► Periodic verification of equipment, processes and personnel

► Half yearly and yearly audits

►Continuing education of personnel

► CAPA (corrective action preventive action)

► Creation of objectives and management by objectives

Research facilities / laboratories

3. Research facilities / laboratories

►Management of international research

►Management of research facilities and research personnel

►Establishment of research projects and their management

►Collaboration between research units and research and extra muros partners and production laboratories

► Hands-on research in one or all of the laboratories in key research areas such as olfactory ensheathing cells, den dritic cells, insulin producing cells and dopamine producing cells

Clinical studies

4. Clinical studies

► Creation of clinical investigator’s brochures and case report forms in key study areas such as Antimorbidity, os teoarthritis, cardiovascular diseases, spinal cord injuries, Anticancer, diabetes, Parkinson disease and Alzheimer disease

► Clinical monitoring of studies

► Coordination of study centres and clinicians

► Interpretation of studies including statistical analysis

► Publications

► Lectures

► Drug regulatory affairs

Nerven aus Stammzellen hergetellt von Dr. Steven James Kellner

5. Preclinical in vitro studies

► Evaluation of new medication or chemicals on cartilage explant model and cell lines regarding possible damaging properties or regenerative /antinflammatory/antiapoptic properties

► Evaluation of glucose and oxygen deprivation in cardiomyocytes

► Testing of anti-inflammatory effects of dendrittic cells and mesenchymal stem cells on skin models

► Differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) into Insulin producing cells (IPC)

► Differentiation of mesenchymal cells into Dopamine producing cells (DPC)

► Testing of possible tumourigenicity of MSCs, IPCs and DPCs with the soft agar colony forming assay